Publication Lists: Introduction

The enumeration provided the publications is intended for reference purposes only, and should not be considered in any way a “count” – especially given the extreme variation in relative importance (e.g., from a half-page comment to a 550-page monograph). However, the assigned numbers do provide a convenient and unique means to connect the full publication list with the corresponding abstracts, the self-identified representative articles, and the compiled errata.

The authorship distribution for all publications is as follows: sole author on 557, 1st of 2 on 10, 1st of 3 on 4, 2nd of 2 on 17, 2nd of 3 on 2, 3rd of 3 on 3, 3rd of 7 on 1, 5th author of 8 on 2, and 16th of 18 on 1 (i.e., about 93% of the publications are single authored). Although most coauthors have been graduate students, almost all research assistants – the number exceeding 300 – have been undergraduates. These are named in the acknowledgement sections of the appropriate articles (for complete list go here).

Key: ABS = abstract available, AWD = award, honor, or other special recognition received, LAR = journal lead articleTRT = target article, CPR = reviewed in Contemporary Psychology/PsycCRITIQUES, ERR = errata, and PDF = send email request for electronic copy of article (providing publication number). Some more recent articles also have a direct link [in brackets] that goes directly to the online publication.

The Lists:

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