In Memoriam: Karen Dawn Horobin

Kazie was the love of my life for 15 years, and we were happily married for the last 13 of those years. Even so, few people knew outside our circle of family and friends. Because she was a very private person, she asked that I not mention her on my website, not even in those sections devoted to my personal life. Even my CV never indicated that I was married! Needless to say, she refused to get involved in social media of any kind. But now that she has passed away, I feel free to post links to sites relevant to her life and memory.

For those who may not know, Child Development is the top scientific journal specifically devoted to that subject: It’s the flagship publication of the Society for Research in Child Development. Hence, she was trained in pure psychological science before turning to community service in early childhood education, where she truly shined, obtaining substantial grants to set up enduring programs. Kazie had a really great brain, but an even greater heart.

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