RA Magazine

On 6/13/2018 I received a commission from the Royal Academy of Arts to write an opinion piece for its magazine. It was to be part of a pro/con or point/counterpoint discussion. I obviously consented, given the prestige of an institution founded in 1768. So I wrote the brief essay, got an acceptance, went through copyediting, approved the proofs that I received on 8/6/2018, and shortly after saw a substantial honorarium deposited electronically into my checking account. Then nothing – no explanation whatsoever, no responses to any inquiry. Because the magazine continues to thrive, including with this “Debate” feature, I suspect that there was some change in the staff that caused it to fall between the cracks. True or not, the pdf is available here. Although it includes my opponent’s position and contains pagination, it lacks the usual graphic and editor’s short introduction, which might provide a clue. Admittedly, my bit is nothing more than a pièce d’occasion, but remains worth posting as an illustration of the vicissitudes of the publishing world. Should it still be listed as “in press”? After all, I fulfilled all of my contractual obligations and received no communications otherwise. I’ll leave that for you to decide. At this stage in my career, it matters not one iota.

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