Works In Progress

Below is a list of current projects that vary greatly in both their degree of progress and the proportion of research time devoted to each. Indeed, as the list nears the end, it becomes increasingly a “wish list” or even “bucket list.” Nonetheless, it is worth pointing out that a significant proportion of my publications never appeared on this ever changing list at any time. These report theoretical or empirical investigations that managed to get conceived, executed, and submitted too fast to ever become a “work in progress,” going straight to the “works in review” list. Ironically, these one- or two-week total immersion projects often yield my best publications!


Creativity and genius. In J. Senior, D. Sisk, & B. Wallace (Eds.), The SAGE handbook on gifted education. Thousand Oaks,  CA: SAGE Publications. 

  • First draft due August 31; final draft due January 31, 2018.

The sociocultural context of exceptional creativity: Historiometric methods. In I. Lebuda & V. P. Glaveanu (Eds.), Re/Searching the social in creativity: Methods, studies, and reflections. Basingstoke, UK: Palgrave Macmillan.

  • First draft due October 1, 2017; final draft December 1, 2017.

The sociocultural context of exceptional creativity: Historiometric studies. In I. Lebuda & V. P. Glaveanu (Eds.), Re/Searching the social in creativity: Methods, studies, and reflections. Basingstoke, UK: Palgrave Macmillan.

  • First draft due October 1, 2017; final draft December 1, 2017.

Musical geniuses. In B. Thompson & K. Olsen (Eds.), The science and psychology of music: From Mozart at the office to metallica at the gym. Santa Barbara, CA: ABC-CLIO. 

  • Final draft due October 1, 2017.

Intelligence and leadership (with J. Antonakis). In M. Mumford (Ed.), Leader cognition. London: Taylor & Francis.

  • First draft due May 1, 2018.

The genius checklist: Nine paradoxical tips on how you can become a creative genius! Cambridge, MA: MIT Press.

  • Contract signed April 11, 2017; first rough draft completed (including notes, references, tables, and figures); revised book manuscript due May 1, 2018. [GeniusTipsProposal]

Achieved eminence in 80 female psychologists: Family, marriage, children, education, career, and contributions.

  • The last of three planned studies of eminent women in psychology’s history; draft completed, but needs extensive revision.

Creative genius as causal agent in history: James’s 1880 theory revisited and revitalized.

  • An extensive integration of creativity, free will, and historical genius from BVSR perspective; first draft completed. 

Why even creative masterpieces contain few creative ideas: Domain-specific expertise versus combinatorial creativity.

  • A theoretical treatment of the relative involvement of “blindness” and “sightedness” in creativity, with special treatment of the contrasts between the arts and sciences.

Exploring longitudinal relations among narcissism, fame, and creativity: An archival study of eminent writers  (with R. I. Damian, R. W. Robins, & K. Grimm).

  • Data collected, preliminary statistics completed, results already presented at professional meetings (by the first author, Damian), but not yet written up (N = 10).

Military leadership: Strategic zeitgeist versus tactical genius on the battlefield.

  • Far from completion: Only have the raw data and basic sample selected, but with no variables quantified (N = 104 battles, 12 generals); worse yet, the data are all collected in “old style” – 5 x 8 inch index cards!

Disciplinary series, creativity, personality, and development: A meta-analysis.

  • Have most of the required publications, but far from all (originally planned collaboration with R. I. Damian); may not happen.

Personality, theory, and methodology in 54 eminent psychologists.

  • Data collected on most of the 54, but still missing data on some of the more obscure figures; it is possible that the original project cannot be completed as envisioned (cf. Overskeid, Grønnerød, & Simonton, 2012, which deals with just one of the 54 in the sample).

The tortoise and the hare: Enduring versus transient achievement.

  • Preliminary data for the first wave, but not for the last wave.

Individual and situational factors behind historical continuity.

  • Just a vague set of conjectures at this point.

Analytical creativity in political, cultural, and geographic exile: Jewish philosophical and theological genius in the diaspora.

  • This very tentative title reflects recurrent speculations stimulated by previous and ongoing research on minorities, women, bilingualism, multiculturalism, and comparative civilizations (especially Islam).

The genius as the creator of history: A psychology of civilization.

  • A basic outline has been drafted, but it is under constant revision, especially in light of more recent empirical and theoretical work by myself and others.